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A Yukon Quest for Rare Mosses Provides Priceless Memories

Gorgeous landscapes, wet boots, and chance encounters…just some of the memorable moments recounted by our Curator of Botany Jennifer Doubt during her first time doing fieldwork in Yukon. Continue reading

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Botanical and Cultural Treasure, Hidden in Plain Sight

Rare plant specimens from an expedition that came to a tragic end were recently discovered in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Nature. Jennifer Doubt explains the importance of this extraordinary find. Continue reading

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HerbScans Streamline the Use and Preservation of “Flat Plants” at the National Herbarium of Canada

Amazingly realistic, the images obtained by scanning make it possible to preserve and share our botanical specimens more easily than ever. Continue reading

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The Rich Heritage of Catharine Parr Traill, Pioneer, Author and Botanist

An exceptional woman, Catharine Parr Traill left not only a literary legacy, but also an impressive plant collection for future generations. Continue reading

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