Surging ahead

The new water gallery will of course include aquariums with live animals! If you’ve ever kept a pet goldfish you might think this is easy but housing aquatic species is not as simple as you might think. I learned this the other day in the live animal care facility at the museum. One aquarium that we want to show is something called a surge tank. This tank simulates the wave action of the inter-tidal zone. Our animal care technician, Stacey Tidman took a trip recently to learn about how these tanks work.

Recently I went to the New England Aquarium to spend some time with the aquarists who specialize in caring for live displays similar to those we are looking into setting up at our museum. While taking pictures of their surge aquarium I was caught off guard when the dump bucket came down and the splash got not only in the tank, but hit me and my camera with a fine, salty mist. I am now looking into acquiring live specimens that will thrive in that turbulent environment.

It’s going to be a real learning process. Let’s hope we don’t need our raincoats once we get our surge tank up and running!

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