Testing aquarium water

Testing ammonia levels

Testing ammonia levels

In order to establish a healthy biological environment which will naturally control ammonia levels, staff has used a biological supplement in the aquarium to speed the process up a bit.  The supplement provides powerful, beneficial bacteria that will allow for the growth of flora which will metabolize high amounts of ammonia and nitrites (another harmful chemical for fish!) in the aquarium.  Usually it takes 6-8 weeks for an aquarium to establish a biological system on its own, however staff is attempting to speed the process up so the aquarium will be thriving, lots of things will be growing and the fish will be used to their new home by the time the exhibit opens in May.  After introducing the supplement to the aquarium, staff tested the levels the following day and discovered the ammonia levels had been reduced by half!  They also found that nitrite levels were nearly zero which is excellent news for the fish.  Staff will continue to test the water to maintain healthy levels and if all continues to go well more fish will be introduced to the tank soon!

About Kate Beresford

As a Guest Services Host at the Museum of Nature since 2006, I get to see the visitor’s reactions to the museum first hand and speak with them about their experiences here; what they like and what they don’t! No two days are ever the same! My background is in Art and Culture and I’ve had the opportunity to work in a few different museums and galleries across Canada and in the UK, which has only increased my interest in and love for museums. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share some behind the scenes information with you all!
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