The Pacific Aquarium Arrives!

The Pacific Aquarium in the Gallery Entrance

The Pacific Aquarium in the Gallery Entrance

The Fresh Water aquarium isn’t the only aquarium in the water exhibit! The Pacific aquarium holds 120 gallons of water and will be the first thing visitors see when they walk in.  Since this aquarium will be situated right at the front, exhibit designers decided that the visitor’s first impression of the gallery would ideally be Zen-like, and really shouldn’t include the loud buzzing and noises made by the aquariums mechanical support.  To avoid this, parts of the mechanical set up will actually be installed above the washrooms just outside the exhibit!  The aquarium and its mechanical support system have just been unpacked and therefore it isn’t installed yet, but once it is up and running it will have specimens like anemones, star fish and urchins amongst many others and will act as a wall between the doors and the blue whale.  Once visitors walk around the pacific tank they will see the blue whale for the first time, and hopefully experience the “Wow” factor that comes along with displaying a specimen that is 65 feet long.  Stay tuned for progress on the Pacific aquarium!

About Kate Beresford

As a Guest Services Host at the Museum of Nature since 2006, I get to see the visitor’s reactions to the museum first hand and speak with them about their experiences here; what they like and what they don’t! No two days are ever the same! My background is in Art and Culture and I’ve had the opportunity to work in a few different museums and galleries across Canada and in the UK, which has only increased my interest in and love for museums. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share some behind the scenes information with you all!
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