Now that a variety of fish are calling the fresh water tank home, the next step is working out the feeding procedures to suit all the different breeds.  With the aquarium being divided into two sides, one side containing larger game fish and the other side containing smaller bait fish, the diet requirements of the different fish need to be considered.  At the moment, all of the fish get fed every two to three days and all of them enjoy smaller fish for their meals!  The bait fish can also eat worms, larva and a variety of other small specimens. In the future, staff plan to introduce breeds like Sun Fish, Rock Bass and Large and Small mouth Bass to go along with the Pike and Black Crappie that live on the game fish side, and Lager Birch, Creek Chubs and small minnow-type fish to live on the bait fish side of the aquarium.  The process of introducing these new specimens, as well as determining their feeding requirements is slow, and involves a learning curve for staff who have to monitor how the fish adapt and the behaviours they begin to exhibit in their new environment.  Some of the fish previously lived in smaller aquaria so it’s expected that in the new larger tank, where there is more territory to defend, the fish may behave differently than before. The logistics of how the feeding will be done once the exhibit opens depends on factors like how all the specimens get along, the number of fish in the tank as well as the temperature of the water.  Did you know that the cooler the temperature of the water, the less the fish will eat?  There is a lot to consider when establishing and maintaining an aquarium like this which includes such a large variety of specimens, but so far everything is on track, and the freshwater aquarium will certainly be an exhibit highlight come the grand reopening in May!