The museum staffers are venturing out onto the ice to catch some more fish species for the large tank. These species, including pickerel and sauger, swim deeper in waters and are harder to catch during the summer using nets. But apparently they’re not that easy to catch during the winter, either!

Ice Fishing
Waiting for the fish to bite on Pickerel Bay

Stacey and Noel, a resident ichthyologist at the Museum, made two trips out to an ice-fishing village on Pickerel Bay off of Petrie Island this week, but recent changes in the wind direction had driven all of the fish out of the area. Time is running out to catch more fish for the water exhibit! The ice is still thick now (about 23 inches) but come March 1st all of the fishing huts will have to be removed.

Ice fishing requires a lot of patience…and a good guide who knows the ice!