Captured Fugitive Returned

replacing the largemouth bassYou may remember this juvenile Largemouth Bass from an earlier post…he had been found on the “small game” side of the freshwater aquarium, eating the bait fish (in this case an Emerald Shiner).

You see, in order to demonstrate a more comprehensive ecosystem and food chain, we wanted to show both large game and small game fish in the same tank. However, this poses a problem in that the big guys will eat (as seen before) all of the little guys. The solution is an amazing design; the aquarium is discreetly bisected, dividing it into two separate sections.

This small bass had found a bit of an “overpass”- a very narrow gap at the top of the rock wall – where it was possible to shimmy and wiggle his way onto the other side (very sneaky!).  This would have taken fortitude, spirit…guts! It would have been a perilous, risky endeavor. And it paid off…he was KING on the small game side of the tank, not to mention having all the food he could eat!

Imagine his defeated disappointment when he was captured and put back on the large game side. Now he’s just a small fish in a big pond tank again.

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