2 species of fish eggs in the freshwater tankThe animal care technician had a wonderful surprise recently! While caring for our friends in the freshwater aquarium, she found eggs on the predatory side of the tank (see previous posts about how the freshwater tank is divided). Further great news is that there were two separate species of eggs – indicated by two different colours.

As soon as they were discovered, the technician decided to move them to the small-game side of the tank – hoping that this would keep them safe. However, when she returned to check on them, one of the “docile fish” was having himself a delicious snack of caviar! So, the next step was to further isolate the eggs by placing them in a floating basket within the tank. This will keep them safe and in the same climate and environment to which they are accustomed. Now we can only wait and see if/how these eggs develop.

This news is very exciting for the exhibits team. And it’s not simply the excitement that accompanies new babies, but because it means that the climate and ecosystem they have created in that particular tank so closely mimics nature, that the fish’s reproductive cycles have continued on as though they were still in the wild. They are comfortable and secure enough to produce offspring – which gives the team confidence that these fish have adapted very well to their new home!

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