Tallulah is here, what’s next?

The Beluga Whale and The Narwhal

The Beluga Whale and The Narwhal

Since Tallulah is the largest component in the new water gallery it was important to get her into place first, and then move on to installing all the other sections of the exhibit around her. Although she was the largest and most logistically challenging to move in and install, there are now all kinds of smaller issues that present equally big challenges.  While initially all the focus was on Tallulah, now it has to be in 100 different places at once!  Some of the projects the exhibit team are currently working on include installing large models of a narwhal, a shark, a beluga whale and a giant sun fish!  They are also testing the sound for a variety of components, installing display cases around Tallulah that will eventually house various aquatic specimens (these cases also act as a handy barrier between Tallulah and the public who might want to try and cop a feel!), putting up plastic panels for information, as well as installing hardware to support the many different sections of the exhibit.  In the past week, loads of progress has been made in the water gallery to start bringing everything together, and it’s a good thing since there are fewer than two months before the re-opening–its crunch time!

About Kate Beresford

As a Guest Services Host at the Museum of Nature since 2006, I get to see the visitor’s reactions to the museum first hand and speak with them about their experiences here; what they like and what they don’t! No two days are ever the same! My background is in Art and Culture and I’ve had the opportunity to work in a few different museums and galleries across Canada and in the UK, which has only increased my interest in and love for museums. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share some behind the scenes information with you all!
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