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Amazing images from the ROPOS – Live deep-sea ROPOS dives at the Museum – Part 2

We showed more than 30 hours of videos and since the ROPOS is equipped with HD video cameras, we were able to see the most amazing details of the seafloor and its inhabitants; not so much on the video because … Continue reading

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Field Work

One of my favourite museum quotes is, “museums are organisms that ingest but do not excrete”, and is from noted museum professional Suzanne Keene. The implication is that museums are actively gobbling up specimens to the collection vaults and are … Continue reading

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Live deep-sea ROPOS dives at the Museum – Part 1

On July 8, 2010, a multidisciplinary team of marine scientists left Halifax Harbour with the mission, among other things, to explore the seafloor in deep water areas never visited before. They used a remotely-operated vehicle called ROPOS to dive at … Continue reading

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