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Our Science Was State-of-the-Art in the 1700s

Paul Sokoloff explains how a centuries-old technique—creation of a herbarium—plays an essential role in how we classify plants. Continue reading

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Do Iwi, Taonga and Motu Mean Anything to You?

How is the content of the Whales Tohorā exhibition, which is partly in Māori, made accessible to the Canadian public? Caroline Lanthier explains her work in adapting the exhibition, which opens on March 2, 2012. Continue reading

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State of Blitz

How do slug slime and pizza go together? Jennifer’s four tips for cleaning the castle dish it up. Continue reading

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Papers, Please! Rare Specimens Cross the Border for Whales Tohorā

It’s not only people who must present papers at the border. Jonathan Ferrabee, Senior Exhibition Designer for Whales Tohorā, knows a thing or two about this… Continue reading

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