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Surrounded by Lichens

Lichens play many roles in nature. But in the eyes of Ebony Griffin and Roger Bull, they are works of art—beautiful enough to display in the exhibition Lichens. Continue reading

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The Good Bits

Even if they’re microscopic, they can still be important to science. The need to find one tiny specimen among many on a glass slide is so common in natural-history collections that several methods have been developed. Continue reading

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Crossing the Line

Do some ecological activists go too far? Is this counterproductive? Or, does it serve as a counterpoint for the less-extreme positions of “moderates”? Continue reading

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The Rich Heritage of Catharine Parr Traill, Pioneer, Author and Botanist

An exceptional woman, Catharine Parr Traill left not only a literary legacy, but also an impressive plant collection for future generations. Continue reading

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The Stuff of Life

DNA isn’t only for identifying criminals! It also plays a role that is essential in botanical research, explains Paul Sokoloff. Continue reading

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