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Canada’s National Museums: A Reflection of Who We Are

Museum CEO Meg Beckel reflects on how our national museums help Canadians understand our place in the world and what matters to us. Continue reading

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In and Out of Oil

To what extent can we go in our drive for fuel without endangering the planet? Continue reading

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Dangers of the Badlands

It’s important to keep your eyes open to avoid hazards while searching for dinosaur bones. Continue reading

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Hunting a historic quarry for signs of Canada’s first dinosaur

Jordan Mallon is excited to visit the birthplace of Canadian dinosaur palaeontology. Continue reading

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After Dinosaurs Die—Searching for Fossil Evidence

Permits, plans and packing – Palaeontologist Jordan Mallon prepares to lead his first field expedition, as he searches for dino remains in southern Alberta. Continue reading

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HerbScans Streamline the Use and Preservation of “Flat Plants” at the National Herbarium of Canada

Amazingly realistic, the images obtained by scanning make it possible to preserve and share our botanical specimens more easily than ever. Continue reading

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The Masterful Eye of Edward Burtynsky

Stunning photos of mines, quarries, oil, water and urbanization. Edward Burtynsky gave a public talk on his photography of man-altered landscapes. Continue reading

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