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Poison-Dart Frogs: Beautiful and Dangerous

The striking colours and patterns on the poison-dart frogs in the museum got the attention of museum volunteer Jennifer Artz. She discovered that the flashy looks of these exotic species are good for much the same thing as the camouflage of native species. One big difference: poison-dart frogs bring toxins to the table. Continue reading

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Getting the “Inside” Scoop about Fish

Cool! Noel Alfonso explains how and why the museum uses X-rays to learn more about fish. Continue reading

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Beetles and Ants: Strange Bedfellows?

Museum insect-collection manager François Génier writes about insects that live among ants, especially beetles. One such beetle species, Cryptocephalomorpha genieri, was observed in Africa for the first time by François. Continue reading

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A Centennial Celebration

In 1913 our museum opened its first fossil gallery – Dino expert Jordan Mallon reflects on this anniversary. Continue reading

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