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Hybridization in the Living World

What happens when representatives of two species mate and produce a hybrid? Do the consequences threaten the parent species? Mammalogist Kamal Khidas enlightens us on this issue, as he did during the second NatureTalks presentation. Continue reading

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What’s in a Colour? On the Trail of Zircons in Cambodia

Paula Piilonen returns to a favourite stomping ground to collect and study these intriguing minerals. Continue reading

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X-Ray Insights into the Atomic World of Minerals

Mineralogist Joel Grice carries on a 100-year legacy of deciphering the makeup of minerals. Continue reading

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Roses Are Red, Entodon seductrix Is Green, I Really, Really Like You, If You Know What I Mean

Roses are not the freshest choice as a way to declare one’s eternal love, says Paul Sokoloff. But don’t despair! Our botany team has five original suggestions for alternatives. Continue reading

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Creating Light in the Lantern

A huge jellyfish has taken over our Queen’s Lantern. Read more! Continue reading

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