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My Thoughts on Thinking Plants

Recent research shows that plants can communicate, respond to stimuli and even learn. Can we conclude that they are smart? Botanist Paul Sokoloff explored the question in a NatureTalks conversation. Continue reading

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Our Collections Online: Digitizing Is the Key

Data collections are not widely accessible if they are not digitized and provided online. Museum researcher Jeff Saarela explains the magnitude and importance of this work at the museum. Continue reading

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Our Collections Online: Opening Up Canadian Museum of Nature Collection data to the World

Museum researcher Jeff Saarela, who is also a co-leader of our online collection-data project, shares his thoughts on the importance of data collection and the new global science resulting from the data’s increased availability to others. Continue reading

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Rubber Trees and Zircon Mining in Cambodia—All in a Day’s Work

The life of a miner in Cambodia is not easy. Mineralogist Paula Piilonen returns to field sites two years later and discovers much has changed. Continue reading

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The art of Ikebana gives life to the moment

This year, the museum is celebrating the 30th anniversary of our partnership with Ikebana International’s Ottawa chapter. For three decades, beautiful flower arrangements have graced the museum in an annual exhibition that brings a burst of spring to the “castle”. Find out how Ikebana first came to the museum. Continue reading

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From Happy Camper to Camp Developer: Building the New Nature Camps at the Museum

Laurel McIvor and Pamela Kirk were inspired by cherished memories of summer camp when developing the new Nature Camps at the museum. It will be a fun summer! Continue reading

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Botanical and Cultural Treasure, Hidden in Plain Sight

Rare plant specimens from an expedition that came to a tragic end were recently discovered in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Nature. Jennifer Doubt explains the importance of this extraordinary find. Continue reading

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The Most Prestigious Can of Tomatoes You’ll Ever See: The Canadian Museum of Nature’s R.W. Brock Award

Palaeontologist Xiao-chun Wu rewarded for his work by can of tomatoes? Yes! Paul Sokoloff explains the origin of the R.W. Brock Award, its prestige, and its unusual trophy. Continue reading

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How Do Frogs Survive the Winter (When It Feels Like We Humans Hardly Can)?

Find out how our little amphibian friends in our Frogs – A Chorus of Colours exhibition survive winter and other extreme conditions. Continue reading

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