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Can Dirty Mean Healthy?

Millions of years of evolution can’t be all wrong. Biologist Judith Price, the expert interviewee at our last NatureTalks of the season, explains what parasites and the human microbiome can do for you. Continue reading

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Who Glows There?

From Japan to Ottawa via California: Our new live specimens have come a long way to get to the museum! Angela Desjardins presents the Splitfin Flashlightfish that you can see in the exhibition Creatures of Light as of May 3, 2014. Continue reading

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Arctic Science Summit Week 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Natural-history museums can contribute significantly to knowledge and debates relating to the Arctic, says Meg Beckel, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Nature. In the future, she would like to see natural-history museums play a greater role in international scientific meetings like the one she just participated in. Continue reading

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A Rare, 19th-Century Manuscript Chronicles the Quest of an Amateur Naturalist

As a great lover of books, our colleague Ted Sypniewski helps us discover a rare manuscript in our collection. “When I turn the delicate pages and admire the wonderful drawings, I like having a bit of the soul of this man in my hands”, says Ted. Continue reading

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The James Bond of Fishes

Do you know the James Bond of fish? It’s just one of the many species that will be included in a forthcoming book about Arctic fish. Continue reading

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Edible Arctic Festival Ready for the Final Sprint!

The Edible Arctic Festival opens on April 3. As the big day approaches, Nathalie Rodrigue tells about the last, frenzied preparations going on at the museum. Continue reading

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