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The Rare Hickorynut Freshwater Mussel Finds a Haven in the Ottawa River

Researcher André Martel is very excited! He and his team discovered what could be the most important population of Hickorynut Mussel in Canada. This freshwater mussel has recently been listed as an endangered species. Continue reading

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Telling the Story of the Final Franklin Expedition Here at the Museum

Objects from the last landfall of Sir John Franklin’s tragic voyage (1845–1848) provide an intimate look at the experience of the stranded men, as told through their personal items and equipment. Continue reading

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A Photographer’s Dream: Capturing the National Collections

Stunning shots! A unique project lets museum photographer reflect on getting up close with the museum’s amazingly diverse collections. Continue reading

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Going Deep: Research Off the Beaten Path

Our researchers are sometimes immersed—literally—in their research. Mark Graham, Vice-President of Research and Collections at the museum, accompanied researcher André Martel in search of rare freshwater mussels. Continue reading

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American Brook Lamprey Where Art Thou?

Logjams and garbage but no lampreys. Dr. Claude Renaud wraps up his fieldwork along the Hudson River, but specimens are hard to come by! Continue reading

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