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Walking Across the Arctic—On a Giant Map!

Two museum scientists write about their effort to complete an amazing national educational project in collaboration with Canadian Geographic. Continue reading

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Mineralogy Adventure in Cambodia: Looking for Topaz in Takeo Province

Follow mineralogists Paula Piilonen and Glenn Poirier in Cambodia, from the summit of Phnum Bayong Kao to the stalls of local mineral vendors. Continue reading

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Whale Saga at the Museum—Salvaging a Scientific Collection

Curator of Vertebrates Dr. Kamal Khidas writes about rescuing 21,000 samples of whale and marine mammal specimens for scientific research. Continue reading

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Learning about Life from a Molecule

How is your body made, organ by organ, from head to toe? DNA will tell you! Check out our DNA lab, a tool of the first order for understanding nature. Continue reading

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Returning Home

By Mark Graham and Jennifer Doubt Even though we try to use our museum powers for good, there are times when things go wrong. Collectors—both amateur and professional—are dedicated and extremely passionate about what they do. That enthusiasm for collecting … Continue reading

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