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Arctic Field Trip: Studying Flora and Eider Ducks

Unexplored by botanists: Our researchers are off to collect specimens from remote Arctic islands. Continue reading

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Dino-mania is back. Thanks, Jurassic World

A fan of the Jurassic Park movies, our dinosaur expert Jordan Mallon provides his thoughts about Jurassic World. Continue reading

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Hunting for Dinosaurs—You Can’t Always Get What You Want!

Our dinosaur researcher Dr. Jordan Mallon shares how excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when hunting for fossils. Continue reading

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In the Amazing Business: Museum Collections

A 3 metre-long tooth? A retractable stomach that penetrates the body of the prey? The museum’s collections are not lacking in surprising specimens! Continue reading

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Plastination and Taxidermy: Which is Best for a Museum?

There are many ways to conserve animal specimens for study— from organs in jars, to whole skeletons, to preserved skins and even plastination. Dr. Kamal Khidas explains using samples from our collections. Continue reading

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