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Summertime Fieldwork in Canada’s Accessible Arctic

To collect Arctic plants—that’s the mission of the museum botanists who are heading north to explore the area around Arviat, on Hudson Bay, Nunavut. Continue reading

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Mammoth, Mammoth, Tusked and Hairy, How Does Your Garden Grow?

An Ice Age habitat, the Mammoth Steppe, is part of our new Landscape of Canada Gardens. Palaeontologist Scott Rufolo explains. Continue reading

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Ultimate Dinosaurs: Like Problems Inspire Like Solutions

Millions of kilometres separate them, and yet they are so close! Follow the dinosaurs on their convergent evolutionary paths. Continue reading

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The “Martian” Flora: Extreme Life in Extreme Environments

Wondering what plants on Mars might look like? Museum botanist Paul Sokoloff and colleagues recently published a “Martian” flora following their mission to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, USA. Continue reading

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Northern Plants in the Capital: Mer Bleue Bog

Museum botanist Paul Sokoloff offers a tour of a well-known wetland that is situated close to Canada’s capital. Definitely a change of scene! Continue reading

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Setting Up House: Acquiring and Caring for Live Beetles

What’s involved in getting the live beetles into the museum for exhibition? Overseas shipping, custom housing and a gentle touch are just some of the requirements outlined by animal-care technician Stuart Baatnes. Continue reading

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