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Biting into the Past

Paleontologist Danielle Fraser blogs about why finding a fossil tooth always gives her a big smile. Continue reading

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Discovering species on the shelves

What’s the best place for a paleontologist to discover a new species: Alberta; Mongolia; or the collections at the Canadian Museum of Nature? Museum paleontologist Danielle Fraser writes that there’s beauty, mystery and lots of scientific discoveries to be made on the shelves, and in the drawers and boxes, of the museum’s collection. Continue reading

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Hunting for Mammal Fossils in Grasslands National Park

New Canadian Museum of Nature palaeontologist Danielle Fraser is off to an exciting start with a project digging into the evolutionary history and ecology of extinct mammals in Canada. This past summer she led a team into Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan and discovered a fossil site from when rhinos called the area home. Continue reading

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