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Edible Arctic Festival Ready for the Final Sprint!

The Edible Arctic Festival opens on April 3. As the big day approaches, Nathalie Rodrigue tells about the last, frenzied preparations going on at the museum. Continue reading

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The Frogs Made My Day!

After a 12-hour trip, the live specimens for the exhibition Frogs – A Chorus of Colours finally arrived at the museum. Educator Nathalie Rodrigue tells us about installing them in their indoor habitats and the wonderment that they generated. Continue reading

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Chinese Pangolin: My Favourite Extreme Mammal

What mammal is covered in armour, has a 60 cm-long tongue, and eats almost 70 million insects a year? Continue reading

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Me? An Environmental Leader?

I must admit I was a bit nervous. This was my first experience as a master of ceremonies for the Canadian Museum of Nature’s first national webcast with a world-class athlete. John Hastings, white-water kayaker from the national kayak team, … Continue reading

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