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Bioluminescence: The World of Gollum and Glow-Worms

A fairy cave or the refuge of a monstrous creature? Discover the world of glow-worms. Continue reading

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Creativity at the Museum: Collaborative Art Project

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Stephanie Hachey invites you to participate in a collective art project at the Canadian Museum of Nature. Until mid-August 2014. Fun guaranteed! Continue reading

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Working with Bioluminescence: Firefly Replica

Using chicken wire, papier-mâché and a good dose of ingenuity, Stephanie Hachey has produced a giant firefly to help museum educators to explain bioluminescence. Continue reading

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Relive the Magic of Childhood Summers on a Firefly Walk

Do you have memories of hunting for fireflies? François Génier, manager of the museum’s insect collection, invites you to discover these magical creatures—so evocative of long summer evenings. Continue reading

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Who Glows There?

From Japan to Ottawa via California: Our new live specimens have come a long way to get to the museum! Angela Desjardins presents the Splitfin Flashlightfish that you can see in the exhibition Creatures of Light as of May 3, 2014. Continue reading

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Creating Light in the Lantern

A huge jellyfish has taken over our Queen’s Lantern. Read more! Continue reading

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