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Herbarium Sheet Mounting: Adhesives Recommendations That Really Stick

Museum conservation summer student Raene Poisson recounts how her finding just the right adhesive could make a long-lasting impression. Continue reading

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The Forever Business

When thousands of conservationists meet, we’re there too: our mission at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Continue reading

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Catharine Parr Traill Herbarium Scrapbook Gets Careful Conservation Treatment

How do we preserve plant specimens that are more than a century old? Erika Range describes her conservation work on the precious collection of a celebrated botanist and Canadian pioneer. Continue reading

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Plastination and Taxidermy: Which is Best for a Museum?

There are many ways to conserve animal specimens for study— from organs in jars, to whole skeletons, to preserved skins and even plastination. Dr. Kamal Khidas explains using samples from our collections. Continue reading

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A Rare Book by Sir John Franklin Expedition Receives TLC

A beautiful and rare 190-year-old book from the museum’s collection by explorer Sir John Franklin about his first two voyages in search of the Northwest Passage in Canada’s Arctic was recently restored and put on display. Continue reading

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The Alphabet Soup of the Science World

Dr. Mark Graham describes the museum’s link to international efforts that conserve species and promote taxonomy. Continue reading

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Our Green Roof: Checking In

A green roof isn’t simply a garden above the ground, it’s a functional part of a building’s envelope. Our facilities director, Marc Chrétien, checks in on the museum’s new-ish green roof and outlines what we’re anticipating from the experiment. Continue reading

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We’re Going to Need New Satellite Photos…

A green roof was recently installed on the museum’s research and collections facility. Botanist Paul Sokoloff describes the advantages and installation of this hidden garden. Continue reading

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No Food, No Drink, No Pests!

Visitors can help Laura Smyk and Marcie Kwindt in their efforts to control pests in the museum. Continue reading

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