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Hey, You Stole My Chloroplast!

A curious case of hybridization in the Canadian Arctic. To solve the botanical puzzle, we used two valuable research tools—one traditional: the National Herbarium of Canada, and the other on the cutting edge of technology: DNA. Continue reading

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My Visit to a New York City Basement

Interest in tools and techniques for care of tissue samples used for DNA research brought Roger Bull to the American Museum of Natural History, where he visited the Ambrose Monell Cryogenic Collection and its −160°C vats. Continue reading

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Learning about Life from a Molecule

How is your body made, organ by organ, from head to toe? DNA will tell you! Check out our DNA lab, a tool of the first order for understanding nature. Continue reading

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Awesome Things Come In Small Packages

Visit the museum’s DNA lab at our Open House and meet students that study and analyze this remarkable molecule. Continue reading

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The Stuff of Life

DNA isn’t only for identifying criminals! It also plays a role that is essential in botanical research, explains Paul Sokoloff. Continue reading

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