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Finnish moth species is asexual with benefits

Veronica Chevasco reports that a species of Finnish moth is asexual with benefits. Continue reading

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Hunting for Mammal Fossils in Grasslands National Park

New Canadian Museum of Nature palaeontologist Danielle Fraser is off to an exciting start with a project digging into the evolutionary history and ecology of extinct mammals in Canada. This past summer she led a team into Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan and discovered a fossil site from when rhinos called the area home. Continue reading

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Cave Weevils in North America

Caves are known for their magnificent geologic structures, but the richness of their biodiversity is emerging into the light. Continue reading

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Happy Darwin Day! Evolutionary Transitions Abound at the Canadian Museum of Nature

In honour of Charles Darwin’s birthday, palaeontologist Jordan Mallon went digging in the museum’s fossil collection and found fascinating examples of evolution at work—evidence of evolutionary transitions through time. Continue reading

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Awesome Things Come In Small Packages

Visit the museum’s DNA lab at our Open House and meet students that study and analyze this remarkable molecule. Continue reading

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