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Food for Thought: Fish Fossils and Evolution of the Human Brain

Scott Rufolo writes from Kenya about the importance of tiny fossils in understanding the environment in which our earliest human ancestors lived. Continue reading

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Of Fish and Men…Studying Fossil Fish in Ethiopia

Scott Rufolo is applying his newfound knowledge of fossil fish, studying specimens millions of years old at the National Museum of Ethiopia. Continue reading

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Expedition to Davis Strait: Rough Seas, Cod-Liver Sandwiches and a Highly Diverse Marine Ecosystem to Study

Noel Alfonso’s recent sea voyage wasn’t easy, but his efforts were well rewarded. He reports that 71 fish specimens and 119 invertebrate specimens have enriched the museum’s Arctic collections—and our understanding of this environment. Continue reading

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Tough Fishing Spots

Dr. Brian Coad is an expert on fishes from the Middle East. His publication on the fishes of Afghanistan adds a new dimension to the natural history of this war-torn region. Continue reading

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Who Glows There?

From Japan to Ottawa via California: Our new live specimens have come a long way to get to the museum! Angela Desjardins presents the Splitfin Flashlightfish that you can see in the exhibition Creatures of Light as of May 3, 2014. Continue reading

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The James Bond of Fishes

Do you know the James Bond of fish? It’s just one of the many species that will be included in a forthcoming book about Arctic fish. Continue reading

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Getting the “Inside” Scoop about Fish

Cool! Noel Alfonso explains how and why the museum uses X-rays to learn more about fish. Continue reading

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A Fishing Story, Museum Style

We’ve all heard a thousand fish stories. But that of Noel Alfonso and Marc Beck is special, because they’re fishing for live specimens for our RBC Blue Water Gallery. Continue reading

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