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The Rare Hickorynut Freshwater Mussel Finds a Haven in the Ottawa River

Researcher André Martel is very excited! He and his team discovered what could be the most important population of Hickorynut Mussel in Canada. This freshwater mussel has recently been listed as an endangered species. Continue reading

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Going Deep: Research Off the Beaten Path

Our researchers are sometimes immersed—literally—in their research. Mark Graham, Vice-President of Research and Collections at the museum, accompanied researcher André Martel in search of rare freshwater mussels. Continue reading

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Fun, Sun and Fatmuckets: The Canadian Museum of Nature Goes to River Day at Petrie Island

Surprising mussels! A team of museum biologists share their passion for invertebrates. Continue reading

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Scuba Diving for Freshwater Mussels in the Ottawa River

During their very successful field trip, scientist André Martel and teammates found a great variety and abundance of mussels, including the rare hickorynut—a species found in only six rivers in Canada! Continue reading

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The Spa Treatment: Plaisance Blog

Nothing is more relaxing than research on freshwater mussels, according to Jacqueline Madill. Continue reading

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