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New Mural Tells a Thousand Collecting Stories

A striking new mural captures the grand social network of collectors whose effort and passion has helped build the Canadian Museum of Nature’s world-class collections. Continue reading

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The Natural History of Star Wars: Part II

If the museum’s scientists worked in the Star Wars galaxy, what would they be studying? Botanist Paul Sokoloff matches colleagues’ research interest to alien natural worlds. Continue reading

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On Being Old

Research that is based on specimens of long-lived organisms in natural-history collections can help us understand the health of our planet and maybe even lead to the increasing of longevity in others. Continue reading

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Nature Buzz

Nature face-to-face: Mark Graham muses on the energizing effects of connecting with the real thing. Continue reading

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Bottom Dwellers

At the Canadian Museum of Nature there is scientific excellence in Arctic research, a regular part of our work in the last 100 years. The museum experts unlock the stories of the natural world and one of our specialties is … Continue reading

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Somewhere between dental surgery and sculptural art is the work of the fossil preparator. Fossil preparation is what happens after the challenges of finding and removing specimens from the earth during field work. The field season lasts weeks, while specimen … Continue reading

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On Being Big

One of the inspiring features of biology is the huge variety that life forms come in. Here is the recipe for an impressive range of biological form and function. Mix together the correct chemical and environmental conditions for life, create … Continue reading

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