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Can Dirty Mean Healthy?

Millions of years of evolution can’t be all wrong. Biologist Judith Price, the expert interviewee at our last NatureTalks of the season, explains what parasites and the human microbiome can do for you. Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Thinking Plants

Recent research shows that plants can communicate, respond to stimuli and even learn. Can we conclude that they are smart? Botanist Paul Sokoloff explored the question in a NatureTalks conversation. Continue reading

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Hybridization in the Living World

What happens when representatives of two species mate and produce a hybrid? Do the consequences threaten the parent species? Mammalogist Kamal Khidas enlightens us on this issue, as he did during the second NatureTalks presentation. Continue reading

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Deliberating De-extinction

Should we “resurrect” extinct species? As the first invited speaker of the NatureTalks series, Jordan Mallon shares his thoughts on de-extinction, which is already in our midst. Continue reading

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