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The best Saturday afternoon ever: Prepping out dino bones

What’s the best Saturday afternoon activity in Ottawa for dino lovers? It’s definitely the Canadian Museum of Nature’s super Fossil Preparation Station. Where else can visitors help prepare real dinosaur bones? In this blog post, Alan McDonald and Kathlyn Stewart, two members of the museums’ Palaeobiology Section who helped develop this visitor favourite, recount its history and features. After reading it, you’ll want to head out to the museum for a fun Saturday afternoon of digging out fossils! Continue reading

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Hunting for Mammal Fossils in Grasslands National Park

New Canadian Museum of Nature palaeontologist Danielle Fraser is off to an exciting start with a project digging into the evolutionary history and ecology of extinct mammals in Canada. This past summer she led a team into Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan and discovered a fossil site from when rhinos called the area home. Continue reading

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Dino-mania is back. Thanks, Jurassic World

A fan of the Jurassic Park movies, our dinosaur expert Jordan Mallon provides his thoughts about Jurassic World. Continue reading

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The Most Prestigious Can of Tomatoes You’ll Ever See: The Canadian Museum of Nature’s R.W. Brock Award

Palaeontologist Xiao-chun Wu rewarded for his work by can of tomatoes? Yes! Paul Sokoloff explains the origin of the R.W. Brock Award, its prestige, and its unusual trophy. Continue reading

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The Big Reveal—Canadian Club Sees the Light of Day

It’s a rare event when a plaster field jacket containing dinosaur bones is opened—especially after 100 years in collections! Follow along as we begin work on Dino Idol winner Canadian Club. Continue reading

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