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Spring Cleaning… in January!

The blue-whale skeleton that is the centrepiece of our RBC Blue Water Gallery gets a beauty treatment during our annual cleaning blitz. Continue reading

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Rebuilding a whale

The big centerpiece of the new permanent water gallery will be a fully articulated blue whale skeleton. However, exhibiting a specimen like this has many challenges, beside the obvious one presented by its enormous size. The specimen being prepared is … Continue reading

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Whale barnacle

  Coronula diadema Whale barnacle CMNPA 1999-0022 These egg to fist sized crustaceans are found on humpback whales (and reported from fin, blue, and sperm whales) especially on the lips, the long grooves of the throat and the genital region. … Continue reading

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Another specimen – parasite

Diplogonoporus balaenopterae (Lönnberg, 1891) from Balaenoptera acutirostrata (Minke whale) CMNPA 1999-0008 This is a tapeworm that is often found in the small intestine of minke and sei whales but can also infect dogs and people who eat uncooked infected whale … Continue reading

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