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Ottawa lazurite find points to undiscovered Canadian deposit

Michel Picard tells the fascinating story of a mysterious Ottawa mineral find that ties together glaciers and one of Canada’s great mineral photographers. Continue reading

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Museum’s millions-strong Arctic marine invertebrates collection gets digitized

Thanks to Beaty family donation, the museum is digitizing the collection information for its millions of Arctic marine invertebrates, writes Samantha Brooksbank. Continue reading

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The new Arctic Gallery: Reconciliation, humans and natural history

Reconciliation, humans and natural history — museum archaeologist-palaeontologist Scott Rufolo says the new Arctic Gallery takes a holistic approach. Continue reading

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Visitor-turned-volunteer ushers museum’s fern collection into the 21st century

After almost 50 years as a visitor, Erica Eason turned volunteer to reorganize the museum’s fern collection for the 21st century. Continue reading

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The teething of the shrew

How do you tell apart Canada’s 19 species of shrews? Elliot Schmidt says it’s a no-brainer: Look at the teeth. Continue reading

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Discovering species on the shelves

What’s the best place for a paleontologist to discover a new species: Alberta; Mongolia; or the collections at the Canadian Museum of Nature? Museum paleontologist Danielle Fraser writes that there’s beauty, mystery and lots of scientific discoveries to be made on the shelves, and in the drawers and boxes, of the museum’s collection. Continue reading

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Going digital: Putting the museum’s impressive library collection online

These beautiful books are scientific gems, and now they’re just a click away. The Canadian Museum of Nature’s library staff are digitizing the museum’s rare and unique publications to make them available online to Canadians, and visitors from around the world. Now you can check out amazing, colourful hand-drawings of Newfoundland insects, and the diversity of Churchill, Manitoba’s flowers, all from the comfort of your home (or on the bus on the way to work, or in a café, or….) Continue reading

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Back into shape nature in 2018!

What’s your back-to-nature resolution for 2018? In the holiday instalment of the museum’s research and collections blog, the editorial staff share their New Year’s back-to-nature resolutions. From taking a dog’s lead and learning to love winter, to dreaming of new beautiful gems for the museum, staff share their boundless passion for nature. Read the resolutions here, and share yours! Continue reading

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Two Rare Species, One Big Trip

As a member of the historic C3 voyage that circumnavigated Canada’s coastline in summer 2017, Paul Sokoloff writes about the search for two very special species of plants that exist only in one small area of the vast Canadian Arctic. Continue reading

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New Mural Tells a Thousand Collecting Stories

A striking new mural captures the grand social network of collectors whose effort and passion has helped build the Canadian Museum of Nature’s world-class collections. Continue reading

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