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Art and Science: A Natural Mix

In anticipation of the Art of the Plant exhibition, Cassandra Robillard reflects that the love of art and natural history often bloom together. Continue reading

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The new Arctic Gallery: Reconciliation, humans and natural history

Reconciliation, humans and natural history — museum archaeologist-palaeontologist Scott Rufolo says the new Arctic Gallery takes a holistic approach. Continue reading

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Making Mammoths Come to Life

A combination of science, art and superb craftsmanship helped create our iconic mammoth sculptures 30 years ago. Scott Rufolo shares the story of these attractions, which are based on real fossils. Continue reading

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Mammoth, Mammoth, Tusked and Hairy, How Does Your Garden Grow?

An Ice Age habitat, the Mammoth Steppe, is part of our new Landscape of Canada Gardens. Palaeontologist Scott Rufolo explains. Continue reading

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Ultimate Dinosaurs: Like Problems Inspire Like Solutions

Millions of kilometres separate them, and yet they are so close! Follow the dinosaurs on their convergent evolutionary paths. Continue reading

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Setting Up House: Acquiring and Caring for Live Beetles

What’s involved in getting the live beetles into the museum for exhibition? Overseas shipping, custom housing and a gentle touch are just some of the requirements outlined by animal-care technician Stuart Baatnes. Continue reading

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Spiclypeus shipporum, the New Dino in Town

It’s not every day a palaeontologist introduces a new dinosaur species to the world! Jordan Mallon tells the story of “Judith”, the new horned dinosaur that he recently identified at the museum with colleagues. Continue reading

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Understanding Sir John Franklin, Then and Now

A manager of artefacts from Sir John Franklin’s last expedition (1845) considers some relevant museum objects and reflects on the cultural mythos built around Franklin’s life. Continue reading

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It’s Not Every Day You Get to Fly Over a New Dinosaur Museum!

Surprising architecture, fascinating exhibitions and even a helicopter flight over a fossil site! Our CEO Meg Beckel shares highlights from her visit to the brand new Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Alberta. Continue reading

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The Landscapes of Canada Gardens

A place to play, explore and relax: the museum is installing an outdoor plant “gallery”. Continue reading

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